Holiday’s are upon us!


“do it now”

Well it’s that time of year, “The Holidays” the season of “joy” (I hope for all of us) families get together,friends meet up, some extra indulgence such as sweets, to many fattening foods, pop(cola’s) , a few drinks (for us over 21 of course) then… oops… I think, I put on some extra weight…yikes!!

So what do you do? hmm…  Well Coach David say’s ” I always recommend starting (or continuing) your fitness routine thru these busy times”

He suggest’s “make sure you work out before your party or after (both would be ideal) go to the gym (I know a good one, lol), take a brisk walk, or run… exercise at home.” You will feel better, have more energy, have more confidence,  I’m sure your holiday outfit will look great on you too!!

So lets get a jump start on the New Year! “do it now”…


Peace ‘n Health

Coach D.