Fitness can be achieved by any body!

We all have our stress in our life, whether we are overweight, out of work, injured or alot of responibilities  2 things can help you thru troubling or stressful times first is having a loving family that cares for you and spends time talking and laughing with you 2nd is fitness, being healthy, eating good, exercising even just walking or moving your arms and legs around in a chair… this article shows how a man  has taken fitness well into his 90′s  The point of this is to find a reason to workout (as this 93 year old has found his, haha) Maybe you just want to lose weight, get stronger, build muscle, or impress your significant other?  We can all take something from this man… if he can do it, we can find a way to do it!


To your health!


Coach David.