Ask yourself: What are my goals?

“Breaking Thru Barriers … with Fitness”
iFlextrain Coach David believes in fitness as a lifestyle …

Ask yourself: What are my goals?

  • To lose weight?
  • Tone and tighten?
  • Build more muscle?
  • Have more energy?
  • Feel more confident?
  • Have an upcoming occasion?

The best way to start an exercise program is by answering these other questions, too:
What do I currently like to do?

  • Walk?
  • Bike ride?
  • Swim?
  • Not sure?

Fitness training/healthy lifestyle means different things to different people … what does it mean to you?

Next look at activities that are natural in movement … ditch the selectorized weight machines, treadmill, steppers, exercise bikes (these last 3 have their usefulness on occasion). Look for fitness activities that uses your body weight, jumping rope (can’t jump rope? Our rope-less jump rope will help.), fitness games, walking/running, running cones, using medicine ball slams and throws, agility type exercises …

An excellent activity often overlooked but is a great way to relieve stress, build strength and endurance, lose weight, and just feel great is hitting a heavy punching bag!

The concept of, “ugh I gotta go to the gym” will change to, “it’s time to work out, what should I do today?”

Start out with 20- to 30-minute sessions, don’t overtrain or do too much the first sessions. Too many people start a fitness routine and go overboard and become so sore that they never go back to it (I wouldn’t either). In the beginning, “less is more.”

Here is what you can expect, what I call “the phases to fitness:”

  1. You’ll mentally feel better, accomplished.
  2. You’ll start noticing more energy (funny thing is that the more you sit around the more tired you become, it’s true).
  3. You’ll feel better about yourself, more confident.
  4. You’ll walk into a room with what I call, “a bounce in your step.” You might even change your hairstyle or buy new clothes!
  5. Then … ta-da!! You will look in the mirror and start seeing the change! Now that’s motivating!

It’s all about what works for you! But … you need to start … thats the hardest part … another of my sayings, “Just do it Now!

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